Kanberra Gel 8 oz. Container

Kanberra Gel 8 oz. Container

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Kanberra gel uses Organic TEA TREE OIL (TTO) to attack and degrade mold, mildew and bacteria at the source, as well as to remove odors. Air movement takes the TTO airborne to attack mold spores, bacteria, etc. and removes odors. Eliminates spores in 3-4 days; gel stays effective for 70-90 days. Provides 24/7 protection. Simply open the jar, remove the inner seal and place where needed. Coverage for up to 400+ square feet per 8 oz. container.

Kanberra Gel(R) is an all-natural, proprietary blend of Pure Australian Tea Tree Oils.

When used Kanberra Gel® allows the natural properties of the oils to become airborne through an evaporative release.

How does Kanberra Gel® work?

At the micro-biotic level, the air absorbs the pharmaceutical grade oils and as the air circulates in spaces Kanberra Gel® begins eliminating odors. It does so naturally, with no chemicals. Most importantly, the use of Kanberra Gel® acts as a preventive program against the return of odors for up to 45 days after there is no longer gel in the container.

How Should I Place the Container?

The beauty of Kanberra Gel® is that it can be placed anywhere, as long as you have a flat surface. If you are a new user of the product it is recommended you follow our usage modes:

  • Shock Mode (2-3 days) – Uncap the product and place it open without the diffuser lid.
  • Maintenance Mode (up to 30 days) – Place the diffuser lid on the container to slow overall evaporation.
  • Protection Mode (30 to 90 days) – The application area is effectively ‘clean’ and the product will now provide airborne protection against odors.
How Long Does Kanberra Gel® work?

The dissipation rate for Kanberra Gel® will vary by conditions. In typical applications, the gel will take anywhere from 3 to 8 weeks to completely evaporate however it will have a residual effect for up to 45 days. After this time it is recommended to replace the Kanberra Gel® in order for it to continually offer protection. Various conditions will affect the dissipation rate. For example, if the Kanberra Gel® is placed under a fan, the rate of evaporation will increase due to the increased air flow. In areas of heavy odors like cigarette smoke or pet odors Kanberra Gel® may evaporate faster. Once the original odors are addressed, the dissipation of Kanberra Gel® should slow into what we call “Maintenance Mode”.

Will Kanberra Gel® Leave a Scent?

When Kanberra Gel® is working all you should smell is clean air, the way nature intended. No fragrances, no masking and no perfumes, just true fresh air. Kanberra Gel® is unlike any product on the market for eliminating odors. Instead of masking the odors with a chemical fragrance, Kanberra Gel® actually eliminates them returning the air to return to its original fresh state.